Case Studies

The following key case studies exemplify the versatility and outstanding success of the novel and highly successful King Sheet Piling (KSP®) retaining wall system.

M25 DBFO Widening Junctions 16 - 23 and 27 – 30, UK

King Sheet Piling (KSP) was first used in 2009 on this prestigious, high-profile and fast-track project to widen 63 km of motorway in the northern sector of the M25 London Orbital Motorway. Introduced without prior trial, it proved a resounding success, with over 25km of KSP wall forming part of Europe’s largest land-based use of sheet piling. Steel saving of 35% to 40% was typical. The KSP installation speed was key to the project opening 3 months early and helped deliver KSP savings of over £10M, shared equally with the Highways Agency.

A421 Marston Pumping Station, UK

Incorporation of KSP in 2009/2010 in the re-design of a pumping station saved £800k and avoided a projected 3 month programme over-run, resulting in savings of £2.7m for Client, The Highways Agency.

M4/M5 Managed Motorway, UK

KSP’s versatility was proven in 2011/2012 by use in weak rock where sheet piles would normally be rejected. It saved valuable vegetation screening, enhanced safety and was built in 1/3 the time of a gabion alternative.

Westbury Railway Embankment Stabilisation, UK

KSP was used to great success in stabilising a railway embankment for Network Rail, saving 41% of steel and more than halving noise for nearby residents.

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Latest News

8 June 2016: Up to 60% steel saved! 1.3 km of KSP walls on the A1 Coalhouse to MetroCentre Improvement achieved a new milestone, saving 44% steel on average, up to 60% steel on individual walls and 902 tonnes overall. The Arup design for Balfour Beatty included the first permanent works use of KSP walls with two pairs of intermediate piles.

15 September 2015: David Baker presented a paper entitled “King Sheet Piling (KSP) – a fundamental and innovative advance on past sheet piling practice” at the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering’s XVIth European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering in Edinburgh in September, 2015. This prestigious conference attracted over 1,150 delegates made up largely of leading practitioners from 65 countries.